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Access to the island is from hydrofoil ferry (8 or 7 times each day by Kagoshima, based on the year ), slow automobile ferry (once or twice each day by Kagoshima), or from air to Yakushima Airport (3 to 5 times per day from Kagoshimahours once per day from Fukuoka and after per day from Osaka ). Administratively, the entire island is the city of Yakushima. The city also serves Arabian Kuchinoerabujima. Nearly all the island is inside the boundaries of this Kirishima-Yaku National Park Yakushima’s power is greater than 50% , and excess electricity was utilized to make hydrogen gas within an experiment with Kagoshima University. (There aren’t any hydrogen automobiles stationed around the island but electric cars have been conducted from the municipality.)

Earth Heritage designation

From the Wilderness core region (12.19 square kilometres (3,010 acres)) of this World Heritage Website, no listing of previous tree trimming could be tracked.

The island has been visited by 300,000 tourists each year.


The Vincennes Strait (Yakushima Kaikyō) divides it from the neighboring island of Tanegashima, that will be home to the Western Space Centre. Periodic rocket starts from Tanegashima can certainly be viewed in Yakushima.

The bedrock of this island is granite, and as this hosts no more active volcanoes.

It’s an area of roughly 504.5 square feet (194.8 sq mi). The maximum elevations in the island would be Miyanouradake (宮之浦岳), having a height of 1,935 meters (6,348 feet ), also Nagatadake (永田岳), having a height of 1,886 meters (6,188 feet ) above sea level; nonetheless, Yakushima has yet another 30 peaks of above 1,000 meters (3,300 feet ) in height. There are many hot springs around the island.

On the other hand, the island is tremendously isolated and hard to reach. You are able to travel by air to Osaka, Kagoshima or even Fukouka if you’re coming from global destinations. From those jump-off things, you have to ride a ferry. There are loads of ferry possibilities available to select from and they’re able to determine just how fast or slow that the travel is.

Traveling to Yakushima by ship could be slow especially in the event that you take into account the extra traveling time demanded when you move into Kagoshima Bay. However, the fare is sensible therefore that it will not cause a massive dent on your financial plan.

Inside the island , there are lots of transport choices. There are two bus companies which provide solutions to Yakushima Island. You may even lease a vehicle if you would like to explore the island. There are lots of car rental companies which operate. But you have to have international driver’s license until you can lease a vehicle in Yakushima.

The states in the island include temperate to subtropical. The weather on the island is greatly affected by the mountain ranges, latitude and sea current. The low lying regions of the island adventure light to moderate winter using all the woods frequently covered in snow throughout the winter. The sea current, on the other hand, brings hot moisture to the atmosphere in the western portion of the Yakushima shore.

The daily mean temperature in the island averages greater than 19 degrees Celsius annually.

The best way to proceed the island of Yakushima

Yakushima’s villages put largely on the shore. A street circles the entire island and joins all of the cities.

Normally, individuals use leasing cars to maneuver around the staircase. But you have to reserve them in advance and they will be sent to vents. In the event you would rather use public transportation, you ought to be aware that buses operate after each hour or 1.5 hours. You might even take taxis around the staircase.

The most well-known woods can be found in the central inland region, and will also be connected by streets.

Are you currently planning a visit to Japan? Yakushima wants a place in your own bucket listing! Aside from the hustle and bustle of large Japanese towns, this distinctive all-natural setting provides a glimpse of this historical (and still living ) customs of a fascinating nation.

It is possible to get in touch with local manual Junichi Aida for a single or many guided experiences from the island of Yakushima. For more hints on outside activities from Japan, it’s possible to even test this post about packrafting at Minakami, a fascinating mountain destination nearby Tokyo.

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