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5 Astounding Places to Visit in Japan: If You Can See Just 1 Position in Japan, Where Would it Be?

Possibly among the most difficult questions to answer, since Japan has numerous and amazing things to see and do, however, the question of the place to see in Japan if you can only visit one location was asked to many different foreigners from various countries and backgrounds.

With tens of thousands of answers, here are a few of the most popular in addition to lesser-known places that folks said they’d visit in Japan if they could only visit 1 spot. We are going to start with the most frequent answers and work our way down into some of the most unique and lesser-known areas of Japan.

1.Wakkanai Port North Breakwater Dome (稚内港北防波堤ドーム) [Hokkaido]

Yamaneko_cafe embedded out of Instagram Built-in 1936, this church-gallery looking breakwater dome was used because the transit station into the old Sakhalin sea road and protected rails from strong waves and winds. Though it was used as a channel just for nine years, the dome is a sign of the older Sakhalin course and still protects the city of Wakkanai. The arch is 427m-long, 13.6m-high, also encouraged by 70 Roman style columns.


2. Ryusendo Cave (龍泉洞) [Iwate]

Totoron31 embedded in Instagram Nobuyuki Kondo/Flickr Ryusendo Cave is one of Japan’s three amazing limestone caves in Iwate prefecture. The entire cave is projected to disperse around 5,000m. The 700m of 3,600m explored area is available to the public. Two of eight subterranean lakes will also be available. Each are 35, 38, and 98m deep. The water gush from the surface is so apparent you could see the lights hang deep beneath the surface.

www.japan-iwate.info/app/location_detail.php?lid=106 www.japan-iwate.tw/app/location_detail.php?lid=106 www.iwate-ryusendo.jp/ Address: Aza Kannari Iwaizumi, Iwaizumi-cho, Shimohei-gun, Iwate ( Google Map


3. Fukiware Falls (吹割の滝) [Gunma]

Siltancafe embedded from Instagram The Fukuware falls in Gunma provides a spectacular view. The 30m width and 7m height drop is shaped by the different compositions of riverbed. The water trickles down from three distinct direction can be looked at closely from the bedrock. The place appears amazing, particularly in the autumn foliage season.

4. Oya Stone Museum (大谷石地下採掘場跡) [Tochigi]

Arata_cho embedded from Instagram It seems like prehistoric ruins in Egypt or somewhere around the area, but it is an old underground stone quarry at Gunma, Japan. The Oya stone used to be utilized for structures until concrete became increasingly popular. The famous example is that the old Imperial Hotel in Tokyo designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s said that about 900,000 tonnes of stone were mined annually in the 1970’s. This trendy museum is currently used for shooting or concerts. It’s really cold as the average temperature is 8 level throughout the year.


5. Aogashima Island (青ヶ島) [Tokyo]

Theresaworldoutthere embedded in Instagram The Aogashima Island is a part of Tokyo. It’s located in the Philippine Sea, 358km south of the Metropolitan region, two hours flight if you’re fortunate. You require a flight or a ferry into your Hachijojima Island first, then change into a helicopter or a boat to get here. Actually, programs of transport can vary easily due to its remote location and topography. This 9km-periphery volcanic island remains busy, but also have 170 habitants. There are almost nothing, but rich nature that brings the people.


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