Majestic beauty of Bear

Welcome to Finland


At the point when I consider bears, the primary spot that rings a bell is Finland. The nation has one of the biggest bear populaces in Europe, and the bear is the Finnish public creature. In April 2013, I visited Finland for ten days, attempting to photo the earthy colored bears after they woke up from hibernation. This was my first long photographic excursion and it was completely arranged, as it is the possibly season when photographic artists can catch pictures of the bears on day off.


The First Bear:

At the point when you photo untamed life, you generally need to consider that it is conceivable head out and get back without pictures, in light of the fact that, as a companion says, “Nature will be nature.” While being with the correct guide assists with expanding the odds for good shots, we actually felt fortunate to see bears on our first night out.


Around 20 o’clock, a huge male emerged from the timberland heading towards us. The fervor we felt was unbelievable. He started to draw nearer and closer, to a situation around ten meters from the cover up, permitting us to take some astonishing photographs. The most mind blowing thing was to perceive how he knew about our quality on the grounds that with each shot,he raised his head as though to chasten us. During this season, when the bears initially animate from hibernation, they are not sure and any abrupt development may make them dubious and escape, so every activity should be thoroughly examined.


By the by this bear stayed before our conceal the entire evening, strolling around and preventing to eat occasionally. We discovered him the following morning still there, so we could photo him with the excellent light of dawn.

The Forest:

Something I like most in natural life photography is to utilize a wide point focal point with creatures. This isn’t simple on account of the extraordinary closeness of the subject required. From the earliest starting point of the excursion, I liked to photo a bear as such. The timberland was unquestionably the most reasonable spot for the reason, so I chose to attempt. Despite the fact that the bear moved toward our cover up and considered numerous photos in the excellent light, it wasn’t adequately close to permit me to do the shot I needed. After almost three hours the bear at long last found a seat right where I needed him. The image isn’t awesome; I would have favored totally snow made progress, however, I was content with what I got.


In spite of the fact that it was still April, toward the finish of our excursion the snow had just dissolved and the scene was totally changed. The quantity of bears present developed step by step as they stirred from hibernation, and therefore expanded the opportunity of seeing them. The most recent three days specifically I captured bears in every single imaginable condition: dawn, dusk, mist, and furthermore under a snowfall. I was unable to expect anything better!

The most recent night we saw the best show. Two youthful guys had completed their eating and started to play before our eyes, first scouring their noses against one another at that point standing up and starting to sink. We could see it was anything but a genuine battle on the grounds that the nibbles were just alluded to and there was no hostility in their hits. Lamentably it was past the point of no return and too dull to even think about taking pictures, however, I stayed in joy watching that scene, shooting it as a record. I was unable to expect better encounters from this experience. I anticipate returning again at some other point of the year to photo the fledglings with their moms. They are not difficult to find in June and July, when you can photo them in the treetops where they move to escape from the large guys who attempt to assault them to mate with females. I anticipate another incredible Finnish experience!

Not just Bears:

Finland isn’t only useful for bears. I figure it ought to be thought of, at any rate in Europe, the heaven of each natural life picture taker, both for warm blooded creatures and for fowls. There are such countless creatures that it isn’t uncommon to discover a capercaillie on the side of the road or white bunny behind a house. On my outing, we concentrated on two specific species, committing ourselves only to them for few days: the wolverine and the dark grouse.


The wolverine is one of the shyest warm-blooded animals and a totally entrancing animal. It is the size of a medium-sized canine and has since quite a while ago bended hooks that are somewhat startling. Wolverines run with an inquisitive step, the off-kilter bouncing step normal for all mustelids.

Anything other than abnormal, the dark grouse is an excellent flying creature that, during this season, battles with different guys for the success of the females. During these fights, you can once in a while see twenty grouses at the same time in the field—a joy for each picture taker!


Finland has end up being perhaps the most interesting spots I’ve ever seen. In the event that you are a natural life photographic artist, you ought to totally design a visit!

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