Can I apply for jobs while on a tourist visa in Japan

No. It’s illegal to work or present yourself as employment accepting individuals without a working visa in Japan.
Immigration Violations Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals may not enter the country, stay in the country, or conduct any other activities without an appropriate visa (such as studying abroad, visit with a private institution and etc). The Immigration Bureau requires foreign nationals to abide by the following rules and regulations.
1) Foreigners who have come to Japan wishing to reside for more than six months must obtain a “resident card” first
2) Immigration inspection is conducted for foreigners who wish to remain permanently in Japan or those who will violate their conditions of entry into Japanese territory
3) Upon entering this territory you are obligated

Japan Permanent Resident Visa Requirements

Japan Permanent Resident Visa Requirements

Japan’s immigration policy is designed to allow people into the country who will contribute something of merit, as opposed to those who simply want or need refuge. To obtain a permanent residency visa for the first time, you must have been living in Japan on a temporary resident visa for a continuous period of five years (or 3 years if married to a Japanese national). The three key requirements are that you:
-are 18 or older
-have stable income and employment prospects
-intend to live with your spouse or family member in Japan and not return home any time soon. There are no language tests nor exams and these visas will be granted without an interview so long as all three requirements are met.

Japan Self-Employment Visas: Requirements

In order to qualify for the Japan Self-Employment Visa, an applicant must meet the following requirements:

having a certain ability and willingness to start his or her own business in Japan;
residing outside Japan with no intention of returning;
having substantial assets of at least five million yen, exclusive of debt incurred for buying up the visa; and
being able to provide for themselves under any circumstances.
The Japanese Self-Employment Visa is divided into two types. Type 1 is meant primarily for those who have difficulty obtaining work permits because they do not possess a degree (such as artists and bloggers), while Type 2 visa holders are mainly those capable of performing skilled labour that requires a higher level of technical expertise

Permanent Resident Benefits Japan

You make use of many of the same benefits as a Japanese citizen, such as education, consular protection and foreign exchange. On top of this you can study in accredited schools and universities, purchase property in Japan (even if inherited), send remittances to family back home, vote in elections and hold government positions. However, there are some items that require residence status for longer than 5 years. Namely, those relying on being considered socially disadvantaged which requires 10 years for consideration or retirement residing status which requires 20 years.
The waiting process is not difficult once all documentation is organized but it does mean you have to prove yourself an upstanding member of society capable of supporting yourself without public assistance even before becoming a permanent

Visas & Work Permits in Japan

There are two types of Japanese visas recognized. The first type is the “Temporary Visitor” visa, which may be valid for up to 10 years and allows a person to stay as a tourist in Japan. A Temporary Visitor can work in Japan but cannot receive income that exceeds at most around 20% of what one could easily make back home (in other countries) and only by taking part-time jobs not related to their major profession or expertise. On the other hand, an “Entertainer” visa also allows one to work either as an entertainer or participate in sports activities.

I am a legal resident of Japan. Why don’t I qualify?

Japan does not consider itself a “good” country for immigration. It’s wise to look at what they think is important and follow suit if you want to live in their country.

Japan doesn’t offer many visa opportunities because of the difficulty of finding companies that can sponsor employees for visas, so it’s best to just give up on living in Japan if you’re not coming from their culture or bloodline. That being said, if you plan on going as a tourist it doesn’t matter where your passport is from! Visit with whichever passport suits your fancy!
Also, remember that any visitor over 16 years old needs a stamp issued by the government; this includes those with retirement visas and works permits as well!

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