Various styles of country life

There are many different styles of living in the countryside, such as whether you want to move completely, go on weekends, what to do with your home, and what kind of lifestyle you are looking for.

The figure above is a chart where you can find a style of living in the country and a lifestyle that suits you. It often changes as you gather information and actually visit the area, but think carefully about what style suits you. Make a long-term plan by combining multiple styles as needed, such as starting by participating in working holidays and eventually settling down, living in an affordable rental property for the time being and building a house in the next few years. It’s a good idea to keep it.


5 points to narrow down the migration area

  1. West Countries = not always warm

Western Countries is often thought of as having a mild climate, but there are many areas with snow, such as areas with high altitudes. Regardless of the image, let’s check the information such as climate on the homepage of the local government.


  1. For weekend use (living in two areas) within 3 hours one way

If you enjoy living in the country on weekends, if you are too far from your home, the round-trip time will be a burden and it will be difficult to continue. The guideline is within 3 hours one way.


  1. Know your winter suitability

Winter life in a snowy country is harder than you might think. There are many cases where people get tired of shoveling snow every day and go back to the city. We recommend using a trial house to know your winter suitability.




  1. People who are not good at socializing go to the villa area

Even in a remote mountain village, if it is a village, there will always be people. If you are not good at socializing, you may want to take the plunge and focus on the villa area.


  1. Living on an island feels like enjoying the inconvenience

Some people choose the island to enjoy a life full of fishing, but in many cases the relationships are close and it is not uncommon for the boat to be canceled due to bad weather. Choose with the feeling of enjoying the inconvenience.


Project to transform into a sustainable lifestyle and consumption

The shift to a sustainable lifestyle has been advocated in many ways, but it is hard to say that it has produced tangible results in the real world.

In the examination of future scenarios for building a sustainable society so far, we estimate the environmental load and describe the lifestyle by setting model households and assuming some important turning points of change. Things were the center. However, in today’s world where the economic and social system is no longer functioning as before and uncertainty is increasing due to the effects of globalization and information, it is an important part of lifestyle other than consumer desires and environmental aspects. It is necessary to consider the multi-layered nature of external and external factors, the diversity of household models, and so on.

The “Sustainable Lifestyle and Conversion to Consumption Research Project” (April 2011-March 2016) examines people’s lifestyle scenarios in Japan in 2030 and examines sustainable lifestyles and consumption. The purpose is to propose various measures to shift to.

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