Tomboy Style & Clothes: How to Dress Like a Tomboy

If you are a woman who is tired of being called “masculine” for wearing clothes that don’t conform to society’s idea of what women should wear, you have come to the right place! We will explore some fashion tips on how you can dress like a tomboy and still be feminine.

The word “tomboy” comes from the word “tom,” meaning male child. It originates in England as a word used to describe an unruly or impish young girl. It is still used today to describe a girl or woman who dresses and behaves in ways traditionally associated with boys.

Dressing like a tomboy doesn’t mean that you have to forgo your femininity altogether, it just means experimenting with different styles and clothes. It’s about being confident enough in yourself so society can’t make you feel bad about what you wear. Along the way, we will explore some key points on how to dress like a tomboy – from style tips, colours & patterns as well as advice on dressing up your look!

What to Wear for a Cute Tomboy Look

We all know that the term “tomboy” is typically associated with feminine style for men, but it can also be used to describe a woman who has masculine interests or behaviours. Women are always looking for new ways to express their tomboy side and these brands offer some of the best cute tomboy looks!

Here’s what you’ll need: A pair of jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers, and an oversized coat.


The top brands for a cute tomboy style are H&M, Forever 21, and ASOS. If you’re on the hunt for an oversized coat, check out Uniqlo or Topshop.

This look is perfect if you have short hair and like to keep it natural! You’ll want to avoid anything too feminine such as long skirts or dresses in this case because they can take away from your masculine vibe.

Start by layering with a t-shirt under your button-up shirt or sweater and then choose some jeans that are slimming around the thighs but not tight at all through the waist/butt area.

Grownup tomboys: how to dress like a gentlewoman

You need to start with an understanding of the words ” gentlewoman,” not as they are used today, but rather how they were used in the Victorian era and earlier.
The word’s literal meaning is a woman who does not engage in manual labour–she emulates the “gentle” qualities assigned to womanliness like gentleness and gracefulness. She would be cultured, refined, educated, sensitive, feminine and elegant. She would dress elegantly or traditionally as appropriate for her level of income and social status. The keyword is ‘and,’ because she would also have a degree of poise and enjoy physical activities outside the home (walking or horseback riding) at least three days a week if possible.

How to wear my wedges with tomboy outfits?

Tomboy outfits are all about youthful confidence, which is often communicated through a love of colour. In terms of colours, tomboys are not limited to dark neutrals and earth tones (although traditionally there have been some fashion setters who established that as the norm).
Instead, tomboys might draw inspiration from their interest in sports by wearing team colours or plaids. They may express their creative side with patterns such as argyle or floral prints. They can also forgo the traditional dress shoe and go instead for skirts made out of women’s lace-up boots or men’s chukka boots.”

If you’re interested in wearing wedges with your tomboy outfits, then read on! I’ve listed some of the best tips for pulling off this look.

#1: Keep it simple. Wedges are a statement shoe and can easily be overkill when paired with an outfit that is already busy or colourful. If you’re going to wear wedges, keep the rest of your outfit simple by pairing them with neutral colours such as navy blue or black.

#2: Layer up. The great thing about tomboys is they don’t have to follow any rules – so feel free to layer one wedge on top of another if you want to make your legs look even longer!


Here are some of the best pairs of wedges for tomboy outfits:

-Leather Wedge Booties from Clarks

-The Combat Bootie in Neutral Gray by Nine West

-Toucan Trousers with Front Zip Detail and Lace-Up  at Side Pockets by Splendid”

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