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The Award-Winning Style Of Sidney Poitier

The Award-Winning Style Of Sidney Poitier

Ivy Style continues its decade-long honoring of Black History Month with a tribute to Sidney Poitier. The actor, who is aged 93, hails from the Bahamas and also served as the Bahamian ambassador to Japan. In 1964 Sidney Poitier became the first man of African descent to win the Best Actor award for his performance in “Lilies Of The Field.” During the heyday of the Ivy League Look, Poitier wore buttondowns, knit and rep ties, blazers, and grey flannel suits, just like every other clued-in working professional. In 1968 he made a film with the fitting title “For Love Of Ivy,” though the Ivy in this case refers to his character’s love interest and not his wardrobe. In the last photo, on the night he received his Academy Award, Poitier demonstrates how a man is supposed to dress for an event when the women wear floor-length gowns. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD



Sidney Poitier smolders — and swelters — in In the Heat of the Night</

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