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Ivy Style

Ivy Style

Filmmaker and Harvard alum Whit Stillman — known for the preppy classic “Metropolitan” — is just as opinionated as anyone when it comes to clothes. As he told Brookly-based The L Magazine:

“Take Ivy” looks terrible.

I’ve never worn sneakers or sweatshirts in my life.

I decided the moment I graduated from college that I would never wear blue jeans again

Normally, if you wait long enough, Ralph Lauren will bring it out.

I really like Bass Weejuns because they’re the cheapest leather shoes you can buy.

My favorite thing are comfortable, cotton trousers. I really like those sort of challenging colors. That summer of Nantucket look: men who are macho enough to wear pastels.

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Head over here for the rest of Stillman’s thoughts, which include how mean people can be when it comes to clothes. 

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