A great public launch of how to change the appearance with a one-month diet!

By refraining from going out, you will eat more than usual and worry about gaining weight.

Six years ago, I weighed 80 kg and was a bit fat, but I decided to go on a diet and lost a little less than 10 kg in a month.

However, the method at the time was very strict and it was not everyone’s recommended diet method.

Therefore, in this article, I will introduce a diet method that changes your body after working out for a month, based on the diet method you actually used.

A great public launch of how to change the appearance with a one-month diet!

This is what you need to know before going on a diet for the first time: This is the knowledge that I have inside

My 6 years of strength training and diet.

Lack of water is the only way to lose weight in the early stages of dieting.

When you start a diet, you will often end up with carbohydrate restrictions.

Then, at the beginning of the diet, he weighed a few kilograms, and he fell on a stone, and he won easily! It can be misunderstood, but in fact, it only removes water from the body by removing sugar.

I haven’t had any vegetables recently so I have to eat salad! If you don’t mind, wait a bit.

In fact, vegetables are not very nutritious and people who don’t like them don’t have to force them to eat.

Of course, there are also nutritious vegetables, and if you like vegetables, you can eat them positively, but the nutrition of vegetables can be supplemented with supplements, so don’t overdo it if you don’t like it. Remember that it is a good thing.

Strength training is not a weight loss exercise

Strength training is anaerobic exercise, so it doesn’t actually burn too many calories.

As a result, Kintoa beginners often work hard to get rid of abdominal fat, but this alone is not enough to get rid of the fat without cracking the abdominal muscles.

If you continue, your abs will get stronger, but if you don’t burn the fat, your abs will stay.

Since strength training is originally a body makeup workout, it is difficult to lose weight on its own and dietary restrictions are also required to reduce fat.

By the way, sumo wrestlers have a reputation for getting muddy when they get fat.

To lose weight, do strength training and dietary restrictions at the same time.

Aerobic exercise is not necessary.

Aerobic exercise, like jogging, is often considered a standard diet exercise, but it doesn’t actually burn too many calories.

For example, even if you try to run 5 km, you can only burn the calories equivalent to a bottle of juice in a PET bottle.

It takes 7200 kcal to lose 1 kg of body fat, don’t you think that is a bit ineffective?

If you want to reduce body fat efficiently, limit your diet.

However, aerobic exercise has many benefits in addition to calorie consumption, so it is recommended that you exercise actively, such as taking the stairs on a regular basis or walking in a station.

After all, how can you lose weight and change your appearance in a month?

In conclusion, it is advisable to perform a strength training body make-up while eliminating body fat through dietary restrictions.

It may seem obvious, but it is mentally and physically difficult.

Also, the results will vary depending on the ingredients you consume and the strength training menu, so test your diet by referring to the explanations in the future.

Recommended food menu

First, be sure to eat three meals a day!

To avoid muscle destruction due to protein deficiency between meals, it is sufficient to divide into 5 meals a day.

And of course, the main nutrient I want you to get is “protein.”

Protein is an important nutrient for body building, such as muscles, skin, hair, nails, and immune substances, so choose foods that are high in protein.

The ideal daily “protein” intake is body weight x 1g-2g. (70g-140g with a weight of 70kg)

Daily food menu that I recommend.

Morning: protein pancakes (drink 2 eggs if busy)

Lunch: chicken salad, cheese, Greek yogurt, SAVAS milk protein

Snack: protein bar

Night: 300g of chicken breast, 1 tofu, natto, pickles

2 liters of water to improve metabolism

If you practice referring to the food menu above, the appearance will change significantly in a month.

In fact, I recently managed to lose weight by repeating the above menu almost every day.

All lunch menus can be purchased at convenience stores, so working for a company is safe.

For morning protein pancakes, if you don’t have time to make them, have two eggs instead. Ha to

It may not sound familiar to you, but eggs are a complete nutritional diet, so I would like you to drink them even if you take them.

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