About Carrie

My professional career took off with digital marketing and advertising, far from my degree in Apparel Design. Seven years, three roles, and one new company initiative later, I was pulled into the world of real-time bidding, online optimizations, and website analytics. 

My new skills and knowledge gave me the confidence to start my own website to share my interests and heart. I love digging into insights and the ‘whys’ of digital posed with psychology and human behavior. My muses still come in the form of art and the outdoors. I crave to traveling more, but daydream at articles of places I want to visit in the meantime.

My husband keeps me inspired and my toddler keeps me on my toes, giving me mounds of thoughts and feelings to share with my readers. We are a ‘go with the flow’ family, winding where the road takes us – currency bedded down in Newport RI. Perfect for great food, quick afternoon beach trips, and beautiful ocean cliffs and historic mansions to admire.

I hope my these curated reads ignite outside of the box thinking and put smiles in hearts – to spread a little bit of my ‘why not’ mentality.